It’s Okay Daddy’d Daughter the newest donghae’s drama

First photo of Super Junior Donghae from the set of new SBS drama It’s okay, Daddy’s Daughter was revealed.

In It’s okay, Daddy’s Daughter, Donghae plays the younger brother of the main character, Choi Hyuk Gi (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) who takes leave of absence from the school to earn money for his family.

In the photo that was revealed on the 10th, Donghae portrays the character Choi Wook Gi who’s working hard at a construction site. In the photo, Donghae shows off his good looks even though he is wearing work clothes and a safety hat.

Also, people can feel Donghae’s determination in trying to transform himself as Choi Wook Gi that it is raising people’s expectation in his portrayal.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “he has great genes that he can shine in such a place. He can’t hide his handsome look even if he wears clothes like that. After seeing the photo, I’m looking forward to the drama.”

Donghae who is trying acting for the first time said, “I’m really happy that I get a chance to show a new side of me as an actor. I’m working hard to learn and to try my best at every moment. Please look forward to my transformation as Choi Wook Gi.”

It’s okay, Daddy’s Daughter which will air after Doctor Champ ends, stars Moon Chaewon, Choi Jin Hyuk, Jun Tae Soo, Choi Ja Hye, Donghae and Kang Minhyuk. The first episode will air on the 22nd at 8:50PM.

—- Translate—–

It’s okay daddy’s daughter itu bercerita tentang karakter utama Choi Wook gi yang diperankan Donghae, yang mana dia terpaksa berhenti sekolah untuk membantu ekonomi keluarga. Ceritanya si Wook gi jadi buruh bangunan

meskipun donghae pake baju kayak buruh bangunan gitu banyak yang bilang sisi gantengnya masih tetep terpancar *:D

kata salah satu fansnya “meskipun di tenpat kayak gitu donghae masih keliatan cakep, aku pasti akan nonton dramanya”

donghae pun berkata dia mencoba mendalami peran ini sebaik mungkin, jadi jangan lupa nonton…. 😀

tapi kalo di Indonesia ga jamin tayang kapan, .. T_T


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