Kanata Hongo still alive?

@deep condolence for Japan

i get worried bout Japan disaster yesterday. That earthquake was so big 8,9 R. When i watched news about that i worried bout sendai, because you know that sendai got a serious. The one cause that made me sad is because Kanata Hongo, i know that he was born in Sendai. His family is still there, sometimes he went to sendai to check his family. I still pray for Kanata and his family, may allah protect and saves you from this big disaster. i do hope you and your family didnt get injured.


but, when i opened my account twitter, im so happy because one news said that kanata still alive :)), i dont knw it’s true or no, but this news has made me grateful, because he saved. I still pray for you and your family, KANATA :’)


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