A sneak peek at Kang In’s military life!

source: jpopasia

Pictures of Kangin in military life was featured in various magazines. The former ‘bad boy’ expressed that he has changed his outlook on life and had lost a lot of weight!

During an interview, he mentioned that being enlisted in the army made him reflect on many things such as his past behaviour.

“I’ve put my family through a lot of pain and disappointment in the past and I am not proud of it. Every night, I go to sleep thinking whether I will be able to receive that love again?”

“… I don’t want to become a selfish person…I want to try become someone whom can be relied on… I think being in the military made me become a better person that I was before enlisting.”

He also made a statement to his beloved fans:

“I miss all of you dearly. I hope to become a better person when I’m out to avoid disappointing all of you and to become a mature person!”

He still has one year left in military service.

(^^) wei~ GANBATTE KANGIN,. we’r ELF always waiting for ur coming 🙂


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