F(x) explains their ELECTRIC SHOCK Album Cover



f(x) surprised fans when they revealed their “Electric Shock” album cover. Their use of animals and animal heads left people wondering what the connection was to their title track. The girls answered this and many other questions about theirBlogger: M-knight – Buat entri comeback during their interview with Bugs Music.


The album cover is trying to convey a fairy tale which is definitely very f(x) and unique. When you think about it, the music’s electronic sound has a striking and trendy feeling. With the different atmospheres between the jacket images and the sound, we’re trying to show the numerous different sides only f(x) could showcase,” f(x) shared.


The group also talked about the idea behind their title track “Electric Shock”.


This is an electronic pop dance song who expresses the exciting, electric shock feelings of falling in love. Although falling in love is a confusing feeling, the giddy feelings is resembles someone being electrocuted and experiencing and exciting shock. The analogy used, ‘Electric Shock’, is represented in the four letters beginning each of the lines in the tetrastich/quatrain, presenting a new colour to the lyrics,” they explained. 




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