Netizens Create Conspiracy Theories Regarding T-ara’s Soyeon’s Car Accident

Netizens Create Conspiracy Theories Regarding T-ara's Soyeon's Car Accident

Netizens continue to tarnish T-ara and Core Contents Media‘s image by creating conspiracy theories regarding Soyeon‘s recent accident, claiming things such as the story being fabricated to make the group look more sympathetic and that this was Soyeon’s punishment from CCM for speaking out against the company.

It was recently discovered that the time the original article reporting on Soyeon’s car accident was uploaded at 12:06 am. However, the accident didn’t occur until 7 am that morning, causing speculation as to the legitimacy of the report. Netizens began claiming that the story was fabricated by CCM in order to make the group more sympathetic.

Netizens claiming to work in the medical field also commented on the photos of Soyeon in the hospital wearing a neck brace. According to them, the collar is a Philadelphia collar and is only used on patients with severe nerve or spinal cord damage. Patients in those types of braces would not be able to place their hand on their head the way Soyeon is seen doing because it would be too painful. Others also point out that the collar was put on very loosely, another sign that it was fake.

While some netizens focused on disproving that the accident happened, others claimed that CCM CEO Kim Kwang Soo set up the car accident as a punishment for Soyeon. The day before, the idol accepted an interview, becoming the first T-ara member to speak about their recent scandal. She spoke out against CCM, stating that she was angry at them for kicking outHwayoung. Netizens explained that the CEO has used harsh measures against the girls in the past, leading them to believe that this was possible.

These claims remain mostly unfounded. All articles written by the author of the original article show them being published at the same time, showing that the inconsistent time was the result of a bug. Proof of the other claims has not surfaced.


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