T-ara’s Hyomin Brought To Tears Over Bullying Scandal

T-ara's Hyomin Brought To Tears Over Bullying Scandal

During a press conference for “The Thousandth Man“, T-ara memberHyomin began to cry as reporters brought up the group’s recent bullying controversy.

Before holding the press conference, producers for the show requested that all questions pertain to the drama itself knowing that having a T-ara member on the show would inevitably lead to question regarding the scandal. Reporters couldn’t resist the urge to gain insight into the controversy though, asking Hyomin to explain the bullying situation.

Hyomin avoided answering the question, telling the reports that she hoped all questions would be related to the drama. “I’m very happy to be here. All of the actors and staff members of ‘The Thousandth Man’ worked hard and don’t want to trouble them by these questions,” she stated instead.

Due to the inability of the group to escape the constant allegations of bullying and hardships that have come with it, Hyomin began crying as she answered the question.

While Hyomin avoided talking about the situation, fellow group Soyeondiscussed their side of the story in detail during a recent interview, claiming that they may have gotten into little fights, but that it was never anything serious. She is currently in the hospital after being involved in a terrible car accident that has put her in a neck brace.

“One Thousandth Man” is a fantasy sitcom about a Gumiho who eats 999 livers and needs to eat the 1000th liver to live, but instead she falls in love.



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